Let AI Write Your Press Release

Newswriter.ai is an OpenAI powered press release writing tool that helps you create eye-catching, search-optimized press releases in minutes.

When done, you'll receive a free credit to distribute your press release on Newsworthy.ai, a leading press release newswire and news marketing platform.


In Step 1, select what you want Newswriter to do: Write a new press release, or improve an existing press release.

Then, in Step 2 (depending on what you selected):

Write a New Press Release

Enter a description of your news announcement. Be conversational, like you're describing your news to a friend. Try and keep it under 100 words. Do not write a ChatGPT prompt. We'll do that for you. See an example here. Refer to the Ideas for tips.

Improve an Existing Press Release

Paste your existing press release in the box, and Newswriter will return creative ideas that help you improve your already written press release, along with alternative headline suggestions.

Describe your news in 3-4 sentences. Add a quote or two.

Your press release will be emailed to the address you provide below. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts may receive lower processing priority.


Tools & Resources

Originality.ai can detect if your copy was generated by AI. This is a valuable tool to use when editing AI generated content.

SalesNexus is our email partner. We trust our email to the SalesNexus platform. This link gets you a free trial account.